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Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mike McGreevy Scholarship Fund

The Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship Fund is the official non-profit of Acupuncture Fredericksburg for 2017. All of our classes and community acupuncture clinics are donation based--meaning 100% of all funds collected are donated to the scholarship fund. In addition, for each acupuncture treatment given in 2017, we will donate $2 to the Mike McGreevy Scholarship Fund.

The Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship Fund was started by those who knew and loved Mike in an effort to inspire future generations through his legacy.

LT (SEAL) Mike McGreevy was killed in action on June 28, 2005 in Afghanistan while he and seven other SEALS were attempting to rescue four fellow teammates under enemy fire on the ground. This fund is established to ensure that Mike and the traits that he stood for are remembered and honored in future generations. Mike McGreevy made a remarkable, positive impact on the world and the creators of this fund wish to assist individuals in living their lives with the same integrity that he did.

The purpose of the Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship Fund is to award an annual merit-based scholarship to two eligible recipients who exemplify Mike’s positive spirit and dedication to serving others.

You can read more about their mission and make a donation online here.

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