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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Digestion, Sleep, and PMS

Acupuncture gave me my life back! After having carpal tunnel surgery (on both hands) I was left with excruciating chronic pain from scar tissue and nerve damage. After being told by the Dr's there was nothing they could do for me I gave up hope and lived with the pain for over 4 years that's until I found acupuncture! I was skeptical at first but soon after I had full use of my hands again which gave me my life back! As a added bonus it also helped with my digestion, sleep and PMS. I highly recommend Eddie Vernon to anyone who wants to try acupuncture either for the first time or if you have been enjoying it for years. He is always professional, extremely knowledgeable and friendly. One of the BEST! -Scarlett K.

Relaxation, Improved Energy, and Pain Relief

What impressed me the first time I met Eddie was that he listened carefully to all my needs. He takes the time to get to know each patient and provides them with the attention that they need. Eddie is a professional in every sense of the word and his knowledge within this field is outstanding. I was amazed at how well the acupuncture treatments I received from Eddie helped me to relax, gave me more energy, and helped relieve pain. Eddie is fantastic. Thanks for all that you do! -Jane W.

Chronic Pain and Tension

Eddie does amazing work. I feel so much better. I'd recommend coming here to anyone suffering from chronic pain or tension. -Jeannie L.

Lower back pain, sciatica, and shoulder pain

I was in a lot of pain with sciatica running down my right side, so I said, "What the heck, I'll be a 'big girl' and give it a try." After my second visit, I started to feel a big relief. I was also being treated for lower back and shoulder pain. These areas have also improved. So now after my 3rd visit, I am no longer afraid of those tiny needles. I have never in my life felt so relaxed. You feel like your legs and arms are in cement and then a moment later you are floating on a cloud. And yep, I kept waking myself up with little snores! I can't express how wonderful this experience was and I highly recommend anyone to give it a try. I will continue with acupuncture therapy in the future. Thanks again, Eddie, you're the greatest.   -Denise C.

Tight muscles and pain in back and legs

Acupuncture? No, not me! However, after many urgings from my husband and the awful pain from by back and legs, I decided to be BRAVE. What a pleasant surprise! Not only did the teeny tiny needles not hurt (I didn't watch!), but I actually felt better after one treatment. My back and leg muscles relaxed and didn't hurt for several days. So I decided to have 2 more treatments. After those I felt like dancing! I will continue the treatments in the future.   -Martha M.

Knee pain

It has helped control the pain and stiffness in my arthritic knees. I have used it for the past five years and need no additional pain medicine. -Debra B.

Chronic pain and numbness in extremities

10 years acute pain--spinal fusion that wasn't a success leading to chronic pain and numbness in extremities. After the first treatment, I felt my foot for the first time in 6 years. Exceptional relief of pain in my knees and back. I've gone through pain management, scores of doctors, and diagnosed from RA to RDS. Many medications without the relief I've felt the past several days! Even stopped kicking the dog! I would highly recommend Eddie. -Willis K.

Migraine headaches with neck and shoulder pain

I never really considered acupuncture for my migraine headaches because I was skeptical as well as fearful. I volunteered to be a "guinea pig" in one of Eddie's seminar demonstrations and it didn't hurt, so I tried it. I was amazed at how well it worked. My headache was relieved as well as the neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing. The staff is very professional, friendly, and helpful as well. -Gayle H.

Chronic cough of unknown origin

Since 2003, I developed a chronic cough from a viral cold. I've seen many physicians and have undergone many tests: swallow studies, EGD's, and vocal chord injections--nothing relieved this coughing. I decided to give acupuncture a try. Eddie was great, honest, and really made no promises. After my first session, I saw a big reduction in my coughing. May I add that so did my husband. I am an RN and my husband is a CRNA, so we both would be hard to convince to try alternative medicine. I'm so happy I did. Thank you, Eddie. After 3 sessions, my coughing is down more than 50%. I look at acupuncture very differently now and plan to continue. -Brenda A.

Knee and leg pain

My 1st time acupuncture experience proved to help me with my knee and leg pain. I had three treatments and found each time the pain was relieved. Edward explained the process in great detail and I will continue treatments in the future.   -Bonnie P.

Knee and back pain

Extremely good. Pain almost gone after 3 treatments. Treatment was painless and comfortable. -Janet T.

Achilles tendonitis, chronic sinusitis, and digestive disturbances

I have been plagued with Achilles tendonitis in my right foot for about a year. This is aggravated by exercise, walking, and standing. I have been curious about the benefits and applications of acupuncture. I sought out Eddie for some relief of my symptoms. I also mentioned my chronic sinusitis and digestive disturbances which Eddie also addressed. I completed a trial course of acupuncture and found immediate relief in my Achilles and my sinuses draining. The sessions were painless and relaxing. I highly recommend acupuncture for relief of acute and chronic pain and inflammation. -Denise T.

Back pain, leg pain, and Diabetes with weight gain

I have back pain and pain in my right leg. I also have diabetes with weight gain because of being on insulin. I had a trial course of acupuncture. I noticed relief in my back and leg and a decrease in my eating. Thanks. -Frances H.

Ankle pain

I've had many successful experiences with acupuncture--and perhaps get complacent about miracles until they happen again. Eddie fixed my ankle so I'm writing this note with gratitude and suggesting if anyone has the opportunity and the means, to take the time for yourself and do it. -Carrie R.


I have tried acupuncture once before and did not believe I gave it a real chance. Eddie suggested I try a series of treatments for true benefit. I have substantial arthritis and thanks to Eddie's excellent treatment, I am experiencing a great deal of relief. I would suggest this course of treatment with my strong recommendation. -Steve G.

Migraine headache attack with nausea

My first session of acupuncture was necessitated due to a bad migraine attack that left me feeling nauseated and slightly paralyzed at the left side of my face. Ironically, I had listened to a presentation by Eddie Vernon only the day before. I have never had acupuncture before and relied heavily on migraine tablets/cocktails, having as many as 2 or 3 attacks a month. Eddie explained how the acupuncture would work. Needles were then placed in my arms and legs. No pain is felt, except for a slight tingling feeling. In as little as 5-10 minutes I began to feel relief. By the end of my 40-minute session, I walked out minus a migraine. I immediately signed up for 4 more sessions and will continue with acupuncture therapy on my return to South Africa. A big thank you to Eddie for the great presentation, having been at the right place at the right time, I now understand and believe in acupuncture. -Stella C.

Knee pain and trouble sleeping

Acupuncture--what a wonderful treatment! I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering with pain, can't sleep, etc. When I boarded the ship at Vancouver, I was in so much pain and had trouble walking. I heard Eddie's seminar and booked an appointment the second day. He helped me so much I couldn't believe it. Every treatment I improved more. Now, I'm practically pain-free and can sleep. "Awesome!" Thank you so much, Eddie. God bless you. -Fern S. 

Knee pain and neck pain

A miracle onboard the Radiance of the Seas! Upon boarding the ship, I was having a difficult time walking because of knee pain. On day one, I chose to take a class on the benefits of acupuncture. Having always wanting to try acupuncture, but not doing it because of my fear of needles, I found this class to be very informative. Once I made the decision to try a treatment, I was sold! In one session, I had enough relief to help me through the next couple of days, and I signed up for 2 more treatments! I plan to continue with acupuncture treatments when I return home as well. Additionally, the day of my second treatment, I had slept wrong the night before and had neck pain. I walked out from that treatment with no knee pain and no neck pain! A miracle! -Gina P.

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